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Kids Class



3-12 years old

Uncover your artistic potential with a trial lesson at White Canvas Studio. Immerse yourself in our supportive class environment, where you can explore the worlds of drawing and painting. Bring a chosen topic, and our seasoned instructors will lead you through a dynamic session. All necessary materials are supplied—just come with an open mind. Join us for an enlightening journey into artistic expression at White Canvas Studio.

All materials are provided | Age group: 3-12 year old


Level 1

(2.5 years old and above) 

corporate art jam kids painting art class white canvas studio singapore

Level 1 - The Discoverer program is designed for children, the focus is on fostering creativity, honing fine motor skills, and introducing diverse artistic mediums. Throughout, the program aims to nurture a love for creativity and boost confidence in artistic expression.

The structured sessions cover

  • Fine motor skills development:

1. Improving hand-eye coordination.

2. Enhancing precision skills through drawing, painting or using small tools.

  • Medium exploration and association:

​1. Introduction to various artistic mediums like oil pastels, poster paint and watercolors.

2. Learning to associate specific mediums with different subjects or themes.

  • Basic elements of artistic techniques:

1. Exploring painting, coloring, perspective and composition techniques.

2. Gaining foundational skills in expressing ideas visually.


Level 2

(6.5 years old and above) 

corporate art jam kids painting art class white canvas studio singapore

Level 2 - The Explorer program is designed to provide a well-rounded artistic education, from foundational skills to advanced techniques, fostering creativity and expressive capabilities in students.

The structured sessions cover

  • Explore artistic mediums:

Gain exposure to various artistic mediums to broaden creative possibilities.

  • Foundations of observational drawing:

Develop skills in observational drawing, understanding the fundamental principles.

  • Harness creative flair:

Learn to express creativity through art by tapping into individual artistic instincts.

  • Advanced artistic techniques:

Acquire knowledge of advanced elements in artistic techniques to elevate the quality of artistic expression.

  • Express ideas eloquently:

Develop the ability to articulate and convey ideas effectively through artistic mediums.


Level 3

(8.5 years old and above) 

corporate art jam kids painting art class white canvas studio singapore
corporate art jam kids painting art class white canvas studio singapore

Level 3 - The Conqueror program is designed to empower students in the arts by providing a comprehensive approach to skill development and artistic expression. Throughout the program, students will:


The structured sessions cover

  • Acquire technical proficiency:

Develop expertise in diverse technical skills crucial for artistic expression. 

  • Apply skills effectively:

Attain fluency in applying learned skills to demonstrate competence in artistic execution.

  • Explore advanced tools:

Gain exposure to advanced tools for navigating intricate subjects and themes in art.

  • Study works of masters:

Analyze masterpieces from renowned artists for insights into techniques and principles, sparking personal inspiration.

  • Forge personal style and portfolio:

Cultivate an individual artistic style and construct a comprehensive portfolio showcasing skills, style, and techniques.

  • Independently create art:

 With enhanced technical competency, students will be guided to independently create art, involving conceptualization, analysis, and self-exploration.


Focus on dry media

(7 years old and above) 

corporate art jam kids art class white canvas studio singapore

The Sketcher program is to establish a strong foundation in drawing and illustration, enabling participants to create compelling sketches and illustrations. This proficiency extends to expressing creativity across a diverse range of thematic subjects.

The structured sessions cover

  • Understanding of Black and White Art:

Explore the intricacies and principles that define black and white artistic expressions.

  • Proficiency in Sketching and Illustration:

Acquire skills and expertise in the art of sketching and illustration.

  • Mastery of Pencil Techniques:

Learn essential pencil techniques, encompassing line work, texture, and detailed rendering.

  • Skill in Shading Techniques:

Develop competency in various shading techniques to impart depth and dimension to artwork.

  • Exploration of Diverse Themes:

Engage in the creative exploration of various thematic subjects, fostering individual artistic expression.

  • Cultivation of Creative Abilities:

Ignite and refine inherent creative abilities through hands-on exploration and practical artistic exercises.


Portfolio Creation

(9 years old and above) 

corporate art jam kids painting art class white canvas studio singapore
corporate art jam kids painting art class white canvas studio singapore
corporate art jam kids painting art class white canvas studio singapore

Under our guidance, master the art of portfolio curation. With heightened technical skills, our instructors will guide you in creating independent artworks, emphasizing conceptualization, analysis, and self-exploration. The result will be a well-rounded portfolio showcasing your skills, unique style, and techniques—perfect for applications to diverse art schools.


The structured sessions cover

  • Master Portfolio Curation:

Under expert guidance, acquire the skills to curate a compelling and well-organized portfolio.

  • Heightened Technical Skills:

Develop advanced technical proficiency crucial for artistic expression.

  • Independent Art Creation:

Create artworks independently, focusing on conceptualization, analysis, and self-exploration.

  • Conceptualization Techniques:

Hone the ability to conceptualize ideas effectively in your artistic endeavors.

  • Analytical Approaches:

Learn analytical approaches to enhance your understanding and execution of artistic concepts.

  • Self-Exploration in Art:

Explore your creativity and artistic identity through guided self-exploration.

  • Well-Rounded Portfolio:

Construct a comprehensive portfolio that highlights your skills, unique style, and techniques.

  • Art School Application Readiness:

Prepare a portfolio tailored for successful applications to a variety of art schools.

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