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   Art classes for kids & adults 

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.


Uncovering your inner genius

Our structured classes guides you through the fundamentals of different artistic mediums, techniques and styles. Each class allow you to build a strong foundation with the needed skills to identify what suits you best.

Through our individually tailored curriculum and our personalised teaching, you will gain the confidence and cognitive skills on your journey towards mastery.

Pencil drawing, painting with gouache, watercolor and acrylic are just some of the techniques that you will learn to help bring your imagination to life.


From 3.5 years up

Discover and get in touch with your creative mind. This program encourages you to discover & go beyond your imagination, as well as focusing on honing your fine motor skills. Learn to use different mediums by associating them with the subjects and be introduced to basic elements of artistic techniques.



From 5.5 years up

Explore your inner artist with the different mediums exposed at this level. You will learn how to create engaging art pieces through the fundamentals of observational drawing and by tapping on your creative flair. Build knowledge on the advance elements of artistic techniques and learn to express your ideas.



From 8.5 years up

Conquer the various technical skills and become fluent with the skills you learned. You will be exposed to more advanced tools in approaching complex subjects matter and themes. Study the works of the great masters and be inspired to create a style of your own.




Master and create a portfolio of your own. With higher technical competency, our Instructors will guide you to create art independently through conceptualisation, analysis and self exploration. You will put together a portfolio to showcase your skills, style and techniques for various art school applications.



From 6 years up

Intrigued by the world of black and whites, start your art journey by sketching and illustrating.

You will learn the fundamentals of pencil sketching and shading techniques. Be exposed to assorted thematic and creative topics that tap on your creative flair.

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2.5 years and up 

Trial lessons are a way for you to get to know us and the class environment.

Get ready for a fun filled trial lesson as you learn more about White Canvas Studio!

All materials will be provided so just come with an open mind.


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